Manitoba deer hunting at its best!

With access to over 2000 square miles of agricultural and marsh land; Manitoba’s white tail deer reign over many areas that are virtually untouched by humans most of the year. These monsters grow to their full potential which explains why deer in the high 170 typical range and non-typicals in the 220s are harvested many years.

We know you can see a deer nearly anywhere in North America but we are sure you have not seen such quality bucks in such unpopulated territory before, giving you the opportunity to experience truly phenomenal trophy deer hunting. We have the advantage of local, knowledgeable guides to get you in and out of areas where the big bucks like to hang out.

With so much prime whitetail deer area to work with, we focus our attention on active rub lines, funnel points, scrapes, and traditional holding areas that congregate the animals. We really enjoy the process of scouting territory to find the best possible stand locations. Our goal is to put you in the best spot possible to experience the outstanding Manitoba trophy deer hunting we have here.

Our hunts will primarily take place out of large, comfortable ladder stands. Many of our stands are doubles which affords you the opportunity to share the experience with a camera person, son, daughter, spouse, etc.