The Warkentins

We are a family owned and operated hunting and fishing lodge in Manitoba. We provide a top-notch experience for several big game animals including bear and whitetail deer as well as excellent fishing on the Waterhen River with access to area lakes. Because of our location along the flyway, we attract thousands of geese and ducks every season!

We have twelve cabins ranging in size from one-room sleeping cabins which have a hot plate, hot pot, dishes, and small fridge- up to our larger cabins with complete bathroom and kitchen. We have a public telephone which accepts credit cards as your cell phone won't get a signal here at camp. Our office has tackle, ice, bait, snacks and drinks available for purchase.

The nearby town of Waterhen has a general store that sells just about anything else you might need. They are open 8-6pm weekdays and noon - 5pm on Sundays

Give us a call or drop us an email as we would love to host your next Manitoba getaway!

Jake, Shataya and Grace

Jon, Karalynn, Karissa, and Gabe

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MAJGabe - Austin, Texas

Spring bear huntI'll start from the beginning... the drive up from the airport in Winnipeg was pleasant, probably because I took one of the backseats and slept while my buddies navigated and drove. Highly recommend that strategy. We didn't get in until around 11pm, but John and Karissa stayed up, welcomed us, had some snacks, and got us settled in.

The accommodations were just perfect, and more than what I would have imagined. 4 grown men in a 3 bedroom cabin... you would think 2 of us would share a room, but if you find yourself in this situation, do what I did and manipulate someone into thinking the pull-out couch would be awesome, and bam! Everyone has their own room. Full disclosure, one of the rooms had 2 beds in it, but still.

We had a great homemade breakfast the next morning (and every morning), John showed us some videos and we discussed tips about bear hunting. We confirmed zero on the rifles that we borrowed from John, which worked out very well. Of course we were expert marksmen, so we didn't waste their ammo nor carbon up the gun too bad. We went out that afternoon, but the place we were going to go (some 20 miles away) had a small brush fire, so we chose safety (booooo) and went elsewhere. I tell you, the quality and quantity of bears here are such that my buddy and I were on the same tree stand (well, 2 stands right next to each other), and we each harvested a large chocolate black bear within 90 minutes of each other.

Clayton (the guide) did an amazing job skinning, and we brought a portable vacuum sealer, so we immediately deboned it, sealed it, and put it in the freezer. Then we fished for the rest of the week. Maybe we drank too, I don't remember. But we caught so much walleye that we limited out every day, put enough in the freezer to take home, and had a couple fish fry's. Their entire operation is top notch, and their family felt like our family from the first day, and even more by the last. I would definitely recommend, and I want to come back for some waterfowl (hint hint).

Thanks guys for an amazing time!

Spring bear hunt - Reviewed June 6, 2018

Duck Hunting and Walleye Fishing at Harvest Lodge - Reviewed October 10, 2017


This is our second trip to Harvest Lodge and it was fantastic. The purpose of the trip was Duck Hunting but, in addition to exceptional duck and goose hunting, Jon provided 1st class fishing and upland game hunting. I would highly recommend Harvest Lodge for a wonderful hunting expirence.

Wamahu - Winnipeg, Canada

Making memories - Reviewed July 1, 2017

I recently spent 3 nights here with my two teenage sons on a fishing trip for the third time in four years. This family run lodge certainly did not disappoint! We had a lot of fun in a great cabin, and with a little advice from Jon my son caught his first Master Angler. The vacation was too short, but the memories will last a lifetime!