WOW! is about the only way to describe the waterfowl hunting in this part of Manitoba. It is no understatement to say that our waterfowl hunts are unlike any in the world. We see many species of divers and puddle ducks, mallards, red heads, blue bills, canvasback, ringnecks, buffleheads, pintails, wood ducks, teal, snow geese, greater and lesser Canadian geese – just to name a few.

The mix of divers and puddle duck hunting gives you the opportunity to experience both during your stay with us. We hunt fields for puddle ducks and geese and water for divers. One of the biggest decisions our hunters have to make when they are here is what type of hunt to do the next day, as both field and water hunts are outstanding.

The combination of location and habitat make our lodge a prime spot on the central flyway and one of the first stops along the migration route south. These ducks and geese are ready to rest and feed along the marshes, rivers, lakes and grain fields that make up the surrounding areas. They may not have seen a hunter until they come in to our decoys right in front of you! And If the Manitoba Waterfowling alone is not enough variety, we have some terrific ruffed grouse hunting here as well.

Our waterfowl guests also have the opportunity to go fishing at no additional charge.