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The scenic Waterhen area of Manitoba is renowned for its outdoor recreational opportunities. From the lodge here you can enjoy the excitement of unrivaled spring and fall black bear hunting, world class waterfowl hunting, trophy whitetails and superb fishing from season opener to ice fishing!

Our trophy Manitoba black bear hunting is second to none. Every year, massive black bears of various color phases are taken. Due to the quality of the bears and low hunting pressure, it is not uncommon to see 10 plus bears each time on the stand. Many of our guests have the opportunity to take some real monster bears every season. We are an outfitter who truly strives to make each hunter have the hunt of a lifetime. So whether you are a seasoned bear hunter or someone who always wanted to give it a try, we will work hard to ensure an unforgettable black bear hunt.

The large black bear hunting area near Harvest lodge is simply "world class".

  • We regularly scout new areas to increase your odds of finding that trophy bear.
  • You will often see different color phases of black bear
  • Your hunt experience is a priority for us, giving you the best opportunity to see multiple bears
  • Local knowledgeable guides with years of experience further enhance your chances of finding the "right" bear

Our hunts will primarily take place out of large, comfortable ladder stands. 

We would like to invite you join us to experience some of the most impressive drive-in fishing in Manitoba.

What makes this fishery so extraordinary is the clean and fast flowing Waterhen River. The combination of clear, cool water, limestone bottom and structure between two large lakes make the river a gathering place for trophy class Walleye.

The fact that so many large fish congregate here creates a unique opportunity for you to experience Manitoba fishing at its absolute best. As some of our guests have stated, why pay for the expense of a fly in trip when we have better Walleye fishing right here?

Our out of the way location has long been prized by residents of the U.S. and Canada for the amazing Manitoba Walleye fishing here. Year after year, people return for the chance to catch Manitoba Master Angler size walleye, along with silver bass, northern pike, drum and other species. Here's how one professional angler that I know puts it, "If your goal is trophy Walleye fishing, then there is one fishery in Manitoba to go and that is Waterhen."

WOW! is about the only way to describe the waterfowl hunting in this part of Manitoba. It is no understatement to say that our waterfowl hunts are unlike any in the world. We see many species of divers and puddle ducks, mallards, red heads, blue bills, canvasback, ringnecks, buffleheads, pintails, wood ducks, teal, snow geese, greater and lesser Canadian geese – just to name a few.

The mix of divers and puddle duck hunting gives you the opportunity to experience both during your stay with us. We hunt fields for puddle ducks and geese and water for divers. One of the biggest decisions our hunters have to make when they are here is what type of hunt to do the next day, as both field and water hunts are outstanding.

The combination of location and habitat make our lodge a prime spot on the central flyway and one of the first stops along the migration route south. These ducks and geese are ready to rest and feed along the marshes, rivers, lakes and grain fields that make up the surrounding areas. They may not have seen a hunter until they come into our decoys right in front of you! And If the Manitoba Waterfowling alone is not enough variety, we have some terrific ruffed grouse hunting here as well.

Our waterfowl guests also have the opportunity to go fishing at no additional charge.

With access to over 2000 square miles of agricultural and marsh land, Manitoba’s white tail deer reign over many areas that are virtually untouched by humans most of the year. 

We know you can see a deer nearly anywhere in North America but we are sure you have not seen such quality bucks in such unpopulated territory before, giving you the opportunity to experience truly phenomenal trophy deer hunting. We have the advantage of local, knowledgeable guides to get you in and out of areas where the big bucks like to hang out.

With so much prime whitetail deer area to work with, we focus our attention on active rub lines, funnel points, scrapes, and traditional holding areas that congregate the animals. We really enjoy the process of scouting territory to find the best possible stand locations. Our goal is to put you in the best spot possible to experience the outstanding Manitoba trophy deer hunting we have here.

 Our hunts will primarily take place out of large, comfortable ladder stands. Many of our stands are doubles which affords you the opportunity to share the experience with a camera person, son, daughter, spouse, etc. 

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Do you enjoy fishing? One big plus to bear hunting with Harvest Lodge is that you have the opportunity during your stay to enjoy the exceptional Manitoba fishing available at the lodge for no extra charge.

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On behalf of our family we would like to say welcome and thanks for visiting Harvest Lodge online!